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Upcoming Event

Traditional Horse Races

06 Feb 2011 - 18 Dec 2011

Masotho horsemen travel for days from all over Lesotho to race with their horses in Semonkong. During the winter months, not even the harsh weather conditions can suppress the excitement, this event brings to the valley.

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Lesotho hotels and tours

Welcome to Lesotho!

Lesotho, located in Southern Africa is referred to as ‘the kingdom in the sky' as it is the only country that lies 1000 m above mean sea level. Some points are 1400 m above mean sea level. Lesotho is a great place for an adventure holiday. In comparison with its neighbours Lesotho is peaceful and safe and the Basotho people will give you a warm and friendly welcome. Immerse yourself in the essence of the local hospitality staying in a Lesotho hotel.

Lesotho is called the ‘Switzerland of Africa' due to its picturesque setting among mountains. The Basotho people have a rich and interesting cultural heritage. The Maluti and Drakensburg mountain ranges situated in the eastern and central parts of Lesotho provide many avenues of thrilling entertainment for nature loving adventurous tourists, with many exciting tours in Lesotho heading up into the mountain world. A holiday in Lesotho will treat you to magnificent waterfalls, spectacular scenery, pleasing mountain streams with crystal clear water, prehistoric Bushmen paintings and skillfully made indigenous handicrafts.

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The main inhabitants of Lesotho, the Basotho people, live according to traditional beliefs and customs. They strongly believe in the presence of ancestral spirits and the forces of good and evil. Traditional diviners use ancient customs to communicate with ancestral spirits and help in battling evil forces. Traditional herbal medicine is used to treat the sick and injured. The low lying western areas of Lesotho are thickly populated. There are a few villages in a few remote parts too, some offering accommodation to travellers. Wild spinach, pumpkin, maize, beans and sugar form the staple food around here; key ingredients used in the local cuisine. Maize is consumed as kernels, or is ground into flour and made into porridge with sour milk. Consumption of meat like chicken, mutton, goat and beef is reserved for special occasions.

Lesotho has earned the reputation of being a secure, tranquil and hospitable country which has opened it up to tourists, now ensuring there are plenty of great Lesotho hotels to stay in. Tours in Lesotho are also wide ranging, and shopping opportunites are improving. 

Compared to South Africa, Lesotho is indeed a safe place. However, do not try walking about in the dark; that would be tempting fate! While the locals are friendly, there are a few unscrupulous people around too. Do not get duped into parting with your money for supposed charity. If you must be charitable, look for registered charities.

If you are driving around Lesotho at night, it is quite the norm to jump traffic lights; policemen won't come chasing you. While it helps you reach your destination faster, it is also to ensure that you do not end up getting carjacked while stopping at lonely places. Public transport in Lesotho is a relatively cheap and easy way to get around if driving is not your thing.

It won't hurt to learn a few Sesotho words before reaching Lesotho! The locals will be impressed and ready to help. Do remember that elderly persons and people of a higher social standing have specific modes of address. The men are N'tate and the women are M'e. Locals believe in greeting people, so make sure you greet them back to establish a friendly rapport. The locals are always ready for a friendly chat. Any anger or frustration that you feel is best hidden. Never display such emotions in public. Dealing with Lesotho's officials is bound to make you feel frustrated but if you give vent to your feelings you will offend delicate sensibilities. Always use both your hands for receiving or giving anything. One hand is disrespectful. Food is to be respected and walking while eating is an absolute no-no.

Tours & Activities

Sani Top - Lesotho, Lesotho

2 Day Sani Pass and Sani Top

From: LSL 1,499

Duration: 2 day(s)

Tours & Activities

Katse Dam Tours, Lesotho

4 Day Sani Pass Tour, Katse Dam & Mohale Dam Roof of Africa

From: LSL 9,500

Duration: 4 day(s)

Caves and Kings Tour

From: LSL 2,000 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

This is a full-day cultural and historical excursion to learn about the Basotho Nation. This tour combines a picnic lunch and visits to three of Lesotho's most unique features: a mountain fortress, cave houses (a national heritage site) and Mohair weavings unique to Lesotho.

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Mountain Waterfalls Pony Ride

From: LSL 2,550 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

Explore the mountains of Lesotho on a sure-footed Basotho Pony. Traditional huts offer basic village accommodation and the opportunity to interact with and learn from the Basotho people.

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Katse Dam and Crafts Tour

From: LSL 4,380 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

A Katse Dam Tour, Bokong Nature Reserve and Mohair Craft shopping combines different and interesting sides of Lesotho. It is the perfect 2 day introduction to the Mountain Kingdom and its people. [more info]
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Ha Baroana & Mohale Dam

From: LSL 2,500 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

This day trip visits the Mohale Dam, 3 mountain passes and cave paintings. You will also go on a boat trip [more info]

2 Day Saga of Sani Pass and Mokhotlong

From: LSL 2,200 / person
(assuming 2 travellers)

This 2-day tour takes in Sani Pass, Ukhalamba Drakensberg World Heritage site, Eastern Highlands of Lesotho and the remote town of Mokhotlong.

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Lesotho hotels team

Welcome to Lesotho!

Meet Jonathan, Armelle and Steve - your local connection in Lesotho! We are ready to share our local knowledge and secrets with you. As tour operators, adventurers and Lesotho locals, we can identify your needs as a traveller and with the Basotho we are dedicated to making Lesotho a sustainable holiday destination. Contact us before you plan your adventure through Lesotho. Come and experience the beauty, mystique, culture and history of our "Kingdom in the Sky"!

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